Living Like A Local: PV Fire Dept. Angels

Living Like A Local: PV Fire Dept. Angels

I’ve been in Puerto Vallarta now for more than twenty years. Running my small fishing company over the years I’ve been approached by every charitable group looking for money or donations under the sun.

But, I never met any of these people unless they were asking for something financial. Sure there were lots of “great” causes. Most people are retired Expat types, so it makes sense they’d come to me since I’m American. Like that means something, but there you are. Nothing really rung my bell until one day.

I always tell people I used to be an “engineer”, but now I fold T-Shirts and take pictures of dead fish for a living. One of these T-shirt folding days, I had shirts spread out on the counters and in came this thin, not too tall (but always in stiletto’s), blonde headed Canadian lady. She was kinda cute and “age” appropriate, whatever that means. We started talking, she said she had to get one of “my” shirts for her son since they were so funny. Which, naturally was music to my ears.

I naturally make “chit chat” with customers and I discovered this thin blonde lady was working with the “Bomberos,” or Fire Dept. here in Puerto Vallarta. Naturally I thought that was pretty cool, so I asked her a few brief questions. Hoping for a short answer this thin blonde told me how bad the situation was in the Bomberos and, frankly, I was shocked. I finally asked what this nice ladies name was and she told me Christena Callahan. She was from Canada, Calgary to be exact. And out of the goodness of her heart and a desire to try and make the world a better place, started working with local groups. She would discuss what was needed, then like a “Stiletto Bulldog” went out and started making things happen in Canada!!

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