Living Like a Local; The “Godfather’s” Brother

Living Like a Local; The “Godfather’s” Brother

People always ask me, what is it like to live in Mexico?

Mexico is a pretty diverse place and I’ve only really lived in Puerto Vallarta, for better or worse it’s been fun. Being in the Sportfishing business I work with many visiting tourist looking to go fishing. Now we have a couple of boats, but I also work with many boats in Marina Vallarta. Many of the Captains and Crews become friends and with time are almost family. Once you get away from the “tourism leaches” the people in PV are incredible. Famous for being nice people, the “Pata Saladas” or original locals will do anything they can for you with a smile.

So the people are incredible. I remember when I was living in Puerto Vallarta for a short while and my brother was very close to many of the working Captains as we fed them all business. A lot of business. We used to put at least five boats out a day, many times over ten. We had most of the professional boats in Marina Vallarta Working for us and business was booming. It was what you would call “the good old days” for fishing in PV. Everyone was making buckets of money and Marina Vallarta was stuffed with people. Needless to say we, my brother and I were the talk of the Marina. Which is not always a good thing. But as a “business” we were feeding many families! People were making money, the fishing was “on tap’ and everyone was happy. This was 2002, like I said, the Good old Days!

We had this Captain, his name was Steve and my brother brought him to PV when he relocated from Cabo. The fishing was great and he was going out, getting a good salary daily. The tips per trip many times would be more than I was paying him for the week. Steve was a newlywed and his first baby had arrived. Capt. Steve asked my brother John to be his new babies Godfather. In Mexico this is a highly respected position in the family and normally it wasn’t a “gringo” thing. But John and Steve were tight and it felt right.

So the day came for the christening, we went to the church and watched the ceremony, which was beautiful. My brother did his thing in the ceremony and when the picture taking was finished we went to the christening party. It was during the summer and mid-day. The temperature was just under 90 degrees and the humidity was merciful that day. I was invited along as the “brother of my brother”. If that makes sense. But we were “honored guests.”

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