Plans for Guerra Contra la Basura 2024

Plans for Guerra Contra la Basura 2024
An overview of the past of the "Guerra Contra la Basura," plus future plans for the campaign.
Mission/Purpose Statement
1. Create a cleaner and healthier environment in Mexico for all residents, visitors, and future generations by organizing cleanups with volunteers.
2. Start an educational campaign, Education is the Solution, to raise awareness, why it is important to keep our beautiful cities and towns clean throughout Mexico.
Future Goals
Face 1. John's action plan for 2024 is to contact the President of Mexico and his environmental, media, and educational staff to start a nationwide campaign called: "Keep Mexico Beautiful . "
Spokespersons will be educators, media, professional athletes, as well as TV and music stars who will be interviewed for their perspective and commitment to mention the slogan in print or verbally in interviews or at the end of their performance, show or class.
Phase 2. The next step is to proceed with an educational curriculum campaign in all public schools. The objective is to have mandatory, once a week, Environmental Classes called "Saving our planet" in all public and private primary schools, which explain the importance of preserving and protecting our environment.
Phase 3 . Contact companies to put the slogan "Keep Mexico Beautiful"/Don't Throw Trash" on all paper, cardboard, glass or plastic packaging, as well as use the slogan in all their advertising and publicity materials, website headers and signatures .
Educational posters for schools, showing the years it takes for common items to break down!
Financing of the Educational Campaign
The campaign will not cost the government or the residents of Mexico a dime, because those who volunteer to spread the words "Keep Mexico Beautiful" have a sincere desire to create a cleaner and healthier Mexico.
About us
Since March 2020, John Benus, the Creator and Volunteer Director with the help of his partner, Margaret Yates, has created a successful "War Against Garbage" campaign in the towns of Talpa de Allende, Mascota, Puerto Vallarta and beyond. .
John and Margaret are from Fairfax, California and spend about 6 months each year coordinating this campaign with the support of local governments, sponsors and hundreds of volunteers.
During these 3 years, John has gotten local businesses and individuals to become sponsors who purchase hats, t-shirts, dustpans, signage for streets and major highways, as well as educational posters for public and private schools.
John and Margaret's passion for helping create a cleaner, healthier environment began 20 years ago as an Adopt-A-Highway team in Marin County, California.
Before that in the year 2000 , John, as Director of the Venezuelan Tourism Association, for the United States and Canada, created and organized a " War Against Garbage" on the largest island of Venezuela, Isla de Margarita.
                            John's Philosophy is:
“It is everyone's responsibility to keep the planet clean, no matter where you live or what country you are from.”
"The only war where no one gets hurt and everyone wins."

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