John Benus and Scout Troup #7 Clean Up 2 Tonnes of Trash

John Benus and Scout Troup #7 Clean Up 2 Tonnes of Trash

On May 7th John Benus gathered 22 scout volunteers from Scout Troup #7 of Puerto Vallarta, and together they were able to collect around 2 tonnes of garbage.

They met at the Escuela Primaria Urbana #471 "Heroes de La Patria" at around 9 am, and were done at around 12:30 pm. They followed the Juan Escutia Canal and collected trash along the way.

Most of the trash was left by either people walking by or homeless people who use the overpasses as temporary sleeping locations or even to go to the bathroom. There was a lot of it, and in only a few hours they collected 42 bags of trash.

Otherwise, the trash would've flowed into a larger body of water such as the oceans and beaches. Good work John, and a special thanks to the restaurants El Dorado and La Palpa, for donating the pickers and caps, and the Secrets resort for donating lunches and lunch boxes to the volunteers.


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