Victims of Jalisco Traffic Accidents Remembered

Victims of Jalisco Traffic Accidents Remembered

To honor the victims and create awareness regarding traffic safety, the State of Jalisco seeks to sensitize all road users to adopt preventive behaviors.

During a press conference to commemorate accident victims, Jonadab Martínez, General Director of Road Safety of Setran, explained that they join this great effort made by citizens, organized society, and obviously public servants to reduce every day the victims of road accidents in Jalisco.

"On this Day of Commemoration of Victims of Road Accidents we must remember a phrase that is what we have here: 'No victim, No death is acceptable.' Although there are favorable results, we want to one day achieve zero traffic accident victims,” said the official.

In addition, he emphasized Setran's commitment to the public, by which in the last decade has achieved 50% in the reduction of road accidents.

“So far from January to October we have registered 20 mishaps where the public transport has been present. Obviously we continue working and striving to reach zero victims one day, as we have achieved in some months of this year.”

CEPAJ's operational coordinator, José Parra Sandoval, mentioned that despite the fact that the number of deaths from road incidents has decreased in this last period, a greater effort must be made since 90% are preventable, and it should continued to generate awareness.

"Today we commemorate at an international level the deaths from victims of traffic accidents. It is time to reflect and especially for the period that lies ahead such as the December period, so the call is to continue reducing speed and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol,” said the official.

Likewise, he reported that from January to October of this year 532 died from these causes in Jalisco, which is 37.5% less than in the same period of 2020 when there were 857 deaths.

“To achieve the necessary impact on the population, state institutions are coordinating with civil associations that work on this matter every day, and that have contributed to the generation of awareness, through groups of victims such as: Road Violence, Safeguard, Click !, For love, Fasten Them, and other types of associations that work with us. Remember those who lost their lives in road accidents, and contribute to raising awareness about this very serious public health problem,” commented Sandoval.

Alma Chávez Guth, president of Victims of Road Violence, said that the association does not remove its finger from the line of its goal, so it works together with the government and citizens to be able to stop and reduce this pandemic of deaths due to traffic accidents.

“This silent pandemic year after year steals thousands of lives in our country, and that despite all the efforts we still have not reached zero road victims. We join this memorial to those who left early,” she mentioned.

Finally, Pedro Rojas Castro, artist for the commemorative mural project reported that “we intend to make people aware of how to be able to mobilize and understand the purpose of this awareness that we are going to carry out. The mural consists of the transition, or thin line that exists between life and death, so we invite you to be witnesses of it and have clarity of what it is," he said.

The commemorative mural will be painted in Calzada Independencia Norte # 2475, Col. Fovissste Stadium, Guadalajara.