Jalisco Health Workers Receive Special Training for Optimal Care of Pregnant Women

Jalisco Health Workers Receive Special Training for Optimal Care of Pregnant Women

More than 600 medical personnel were trained in pregnancy surveillance and obstetric emergency care to learn to reduce and avoid maternal deaths.

Approaching the correct prenatal control is essential for the prevention of maternal death. During pregnancy consultations, it is possible to prevent, guide, reduce risk factors, detect health problems, and treat them in a timely and adequate manner, making a correct referral to the second and third level of care.

The State Maternal Health program of the OPD Jalisco Health Services carried out the training for doctors of the first level of care in priority topics such as: Pre-gestational Care, Prenatal Control in First Level of Care, and Obstetric Emergencies.

The objective is to reinforce the knowledge in the health personnel of the first level of attention in priority issues of Maternal Health in order to prevent deaths due to maternal death, influence the care of pre-gestational consultations, provide periodic monitoring of pregnancy, and obstetric emergency care.

During the month of September this training was given for 100 people in face-to-face mode, and 500 more in virtual mode. The event was opened by José de Jesús Méndez de Lira, general director of the Jalisco Health Services OPD, who highlighted the importance of pre-gestational care and pregnancy in all its stages.

“The appropriate approach to Pre-Pregnancy Care is to raise awareness among operating personnel, and identify patients with high reproductive risk; as well as classify their risk according to vulnerable groups, and make the referral to the corresponding service in a timely manner.”

For the approach to obstetric emergencies, experts on the subject were present who addressed the importance of implementing effective and safe strategies and interventions that improve health outcomes, during both the maternal and child care process.

During the three days of training, topics included; Obesity and pregnancy, Cancer and Pregnancy, Preventive Actions in Maternal Health, Syphilis and HIV in Pregnancy, Covid-19 and Pregnancy, Vaccination in Pregnancy, Cardiopulmonary Support in Pregnant Patients, Management and Treatment of Preeclampsia and Eclampsia in the First Level of Care, and Oral Health in Pregnant Women, among others.

The Jalisco Health Secretariat, through the Jalisco Health Services OPD, offers maternal care in the 125 municipalities of the state, with emphasis on the public policy “First Thousand Days of Life,” designed especially to improve the health of both mothers and their daughters and sons. You can visit their website at: