Holiday Traditions in Puerto Vallarta

Holiday Traditions in Puerto Vallarta

As the holiday season approaches, families and friends begin discussing plans for get-togethers to enjoy both old and new traditions alike – and time with loved ones is especially cherished and planned this year after spending quite some time apart over the pandemic.

Those looking to go all out this holiday season should consider spending time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Whether it’s for a few days before Christmas or over the actual holiday, the destination has plenty of seasonal traditions for travelers to enjoy.

Taking a stroll downtown near the Malecon is beautiful this time of year, as the place offers a magical atmosphere with several cultural and traditional events taking place.

In early December, visitors can experience Fiestas Guadalupanas, which includes pilgrimages to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe. During this time, the streets are filled with vibrant colors, music and super exited people. There's also different traditional meals and drinks all over that you must try.

After the pilgrimages and prior to Christmas, visitors, whether they are permanent and merely on vacation, to Puerto Vallarta will see traditional Christmas Posadas, which combine the customs of a beach town with the local festivities. Basically, they're big Christmas parties! The celebrations are for everyone, from children to adults, and guests can indulge and discover in the delicious flavors of the destination, along with songs and attractions.

In addition to all the festive traditions, visitors can experience the year-round activities as well, such as swimming, hiking, shopping, whale watching and more.