Stan Gubruk

Retired Aircraft Engineer for Boeing, living in Puerto Vallarta since 2000. Owner of Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle, I’ve been writing articles about fishing and the promotion of Puerto Vallarta since 2004. I have written for Vallarta Opinina, PV Mirror city paper, Vallartatoday.com, VallartaBayTimes. Com and Banderas bay news online to name a few. I’ve written for several Major fishing publications and my company has won the WBS Bill fishing Series tournaments and became World Champion for Marlin in 2000 and 2001 respectively.

I also work with and promote the charity Angels for Mexico to support the Bomberos and Civil Protection organizations in Puerto Vallarta. Presently I write an ongoing series called Living like a Local for Vallarta Bay Times as well as my world famous weekly fishing reports. I of course post these articles on my web page: MasterBaiters.com.mx. To continue, I am also post on YouTube my very popular weekly video fishing reports, the only weekly source of fishing information in and about Puerto Vallarta for Mexican Nationals and English speaking Tourism and the promotion of Puerto Vallarta.