Clark Curtis

Hello, my name is Clark Curtis. I grew up in California under the guidance of my father who was an electrician, and learned the trade at an early age. I have always worked hard, and have worked for my father and several other jobs until I became manager of a Good Year Tire Store in the 80’s. I did very well there, and was even offered a top position as , but I’m just not a suit-and-tie kind of guy, so I turned it down and continued to manage my hometown store.


I started visiting Puerto Vallarta in the early 90’s and knew that one day I would come to live here. That dream came true in 2009 when I moved here with my family. Two years later I started an electronics company featuring LED lighting, lighting systems, solar systems, and electronic controlling systems for numerous applications. My company made the world’s first wireless and solar powered ATM station. We also lit the Los Muertos Pier, and helped set up an Aquaponics Learning Center at Trompo Magico in Zapopan.


Last year during Puerto Magico’s Magic Market my younger daughter began an interest in writing articles for a local paper. She enjoyed it so much that she decided she wanted to start writing more articles and even restaurant reviews. With the help of my good friend who is a knowledgeable computer technician, we developed our own online news magazine, Vallarta Bay Times, as a working business model and platform for her writing talent.