Maya Curtis

Hi, I’m Maya! I was born in a small town in California, but have lived most of my life in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My parents moved here before I was even 2 years old, and our new house required a lot of work, so my mom didn’t have all the time I needed, and she hired a nanny. But, the thing is, the nanny’s main language was Spanish, and she only knew a couple words in English. So, I grew up learning to speak Spanish very young, right alongside English, and now I help my parents out a lot by translating. I am going into the tenth grade this year, and have been home-schooled for nine of those years. My first year I spent in a Spanish-speaking school, so that helped me learn Spanish as well.

I started writing articles last year for a school project, and they actually got published in a local paper! So I got excited about it, and continued writing. Now my parents, with the help of Adam, who is their computer-guy friend, have started up our own news magazine called Vallarta Bay Times, so that I can keep writing and working towards my future, as well as learning along the way about running a business.