Complaint Filed Before Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Regarding Golden Pensions

Complaint Filed Before Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Regarding Golden Pensions

Last Monday the Governor presented to the state Congress the initiative to put an end to the so-called golden pensions, setting the limit to 25 days of minimum daily salary.

Some of the pensions in question have been as high as nearly 200,000 pesos per month. 

As a result of the audits issued by the State Comptroller's Office to the Internal Control Body of the Jalisco State Pensions Institute (IPEJAL,) the complaint against those who are responsible in the irregularities for the pension granted to the citizen José María Martínez, was presented yesterday before the Special Prosecutor's Office in Combating Corruption. 

“We are going against whoever is responsible, whoever it is, and if it was in this administration we have to act applying that criterion. This matter must leave an important precedent that cannot continue to play with the money that belongs to the workers at the service of the dtate,” the Governor responded. 

For her part, the Comptroller of the State of Jalisco, María Teresa Brito, said that it will be the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office who determines the integration, if it is the case, of an investigation folder and that another 70 pensions are under review. She added that these auditing exercises have been instructions of the Governor since the beginning of the administration to be able to take care of the institute. 

This action corresponds to a comprehensive IPEJAL rescue plan. "Eliminating the golden pensions does not solve the pension problem," Enrique Alfaro specified, “however, it is a sign that abuses will not be allowed,” he added.