No Vaccine Passport or Negative Covid Test Required at Restaurants

No Vaccine Passport or Negative Covid Test Required at Restaurants

I have seen many posts and articles saying that a vaccination passport or a negative test is needed to enter restaurants here in Puerto Vallarta, but that isn't true, and I am simply posting this to clear the air.

There is a list of different places where the passports and/or tests will be needed to enter, but restaurants are not on that list. The following text is an article from the governor's website translated into English, and there is also a link to the original post at the bottom, so you can be able to read what is really true. 


Objective of the plan:

Unlike the first year of the pandemic, today in Jalisco we have the information and experience to apply a strategy with a long-term vision that gives people certainty, but at the same time continues to prioritize people's health and lives.

As of January 14, 2022, new measures will be applied to maintain the economic growth strategy with responsibility (there will be no closures), applying the following criteria:
The epidemiological surveillance system will be reinforced with increased testing and tracking of infections.
A vaccination certificate or negative test with 48 hours validity will be requested for some recreational activities.
A staggered calendar is established for a return to face-to-face attendance in schools:
In basic education on January 17. With optional scheme (you can continue distance education)
For upper secondary education, the return to attendance will be on January 31.
For higher education, the return to attendance will be on February 8
in the case of UdeG and for private Universities it will be according to their calendar, after January 31.
Medicines for the treatment of COVID will be acquired.
Keep reading and learn about the requirements that you must meet as of January 14 for access to some activities, as well as the capacity allowed at events. Don't forget, everyone must wear a face mask on a mandatory and permanent basis in public spaces.


Events and Capacity:

Stadium capacity is reduced to 60%
Permits are restricted for events of more than 800 people.
Events of more than 800 people must be submitted for individual assessment by the health table.
These events must be presented to the Board of Health at least 30 days before the proposed date.
Events or spaces where the use of the face mask is not complied with, may be canceled


Vaccination certificate and PCR tests:

A vaccination certificate or negative printed or digital PCR test with 48 hours of validity will be requested to enter:

bars and clubs
Stadiums (they will lower their capacity to 60%)
Event rooms
convention centers

Valid Certificates:


The certificate can be with the complete scheme (two doses) or with a single dose.

They are valid certificates:
The federal certificate.
The vaccination certificate delivered in Jalisco.
Proof of vaccination applied in the United States or another country.
Only applies to people over 18 years of age.


Valid tests for unvaccinated people:


Must be RT-PCR test
The validity of the tests will be 48 hours.
Only applies to people over 18 years of age.
Tests from private laboratories accredited by Cofepris will be valid, which can be consulted in the following link: https://www.gob.mx/salud/documentos/coronavirus-covid-19-240014

Activities that remain suspended until February 12:


absent son party
Street parties, inns, fairs and kermeses
From the government we will continue with Epidemiological Surveillance and the active search for cases, as well as continuous monitoring for compliance with the action protocols against COVID-19.

We urge the people of Jalisco not to let their guard down, to maintain prevention measures, all people must wear a face mask in public spaces on a mandatory and permanent basis and isolate themselves in case of presenting symptoms.