Alejandra Orozco Returns Home More Motivated

Alejandra Orozco Returns Home More Motivated

The mariachi notes released the "Guadalajara, Guadalajara" to receive the bronze medalist in the Tokyo Olympic Games, Alejandra Orozco.

She was received this Monday at the Revolution Sports Center, after entering the select group of double Olympic medalists in the history of our country, for her bronze medal in Tokyo.

She is supported by those who make up her work team at Code Jalisco, such as coach Fernanda González, the physical trainer Adrián Martínez, personal trainer Marah Gutiérrez; and in the absence of her coach Iván Bautista. Just back from Japan, Alejandra seemed more focused after obtaining this medal in the recently concluded Olympic fair.

“We did this result here, with Gabriela Agúndez, with the team, facilities, and support of Code Jalisco. I was born and raised proudly from Guadalajara. With Gaby I did the entire Olympic cycle from scratch. We created the dream. Year after year we won our place at the international level and this year despite the pandemic, we did very well.”

Carlos González, Director of Competitive Sports at Code, highlighted the importance of having a 24-year-old sports figure in the state and in Mexico with the level of Orozco. “Now she is a legend. We know how difficult it is to be an Olympic medalist and Ale is already twice. Building a medal at this level requires many factors and here we are also with the people who are behind it, and who do not always see it, so we are proud to have it in this place.”

Alejandra, who became the youngest medalist in Mexico to win an Olympic medal at 15 years of age in London 2012, recognized the work of the school of Iván Bautista in the Jalisco Code.

“I really admire Iván's school. I grew up in it and was trained here at Code, at his school. It is important that part of the example, that the new generations see that their own teammates are in the Olympic Games in order to motivate them. This school has been growing and in general it has become a good match between Iván and Code. We too have received a lot of support. I've always said that Ivan is a very stubborn coach in a good way. He always has a very concrete and specific planning so that the mere day of the competition we are in our best physical and mental moment.”

Alejandra Orozco mentioned that at some point in her career she had to row against the current, after the pressure she perceived at the national level and what she demanded of herself. “My story was the other way around. I started my career with an Olympic medal and I had to go through the steps such as the Pan American Games, Youth Olympic Games, World Series, World Cups, so I felt that pressure to meet expectations in each competition because I was already an Olympic medalist. Rio taught me a lot. To know that she couldn't do it alone, that she had to look for the experts in each area to achieve it as a team and if she wanted to get to Tokyo, she had to do it committed to getting the medal.”

Alejandra will be in Guadalajara until next Friday, the date on which she will travel to Mexico City to fulfill a series of commitments with the Army, an organization to which she belongs and from which she also receives support.

She will then take a few days to rest and spend time with her family, before starting her next Olympic cycle in Paris 2024.

The top Mexican Olympic medalist is Humberto Mariles, for horsemanship, who won two gold and one bronze medal in 1948. In that select group appear Joaquín Capilla de navados, with a gold, a silver and two bronzes; María Espinoza in Taekwondo with a gold, silver, and bronze; Rubén Uriza from equestrian with a gold and silver, Raúl González from athletics with a gold and silver; Germán Sánchez with two silvers in diving; Paola Espinosa with a silver and bronze in diving ; the jockey Joaquín Pérez de las Heras with two bronzes, and now Alejandra Orozco with a silver and a bronze.