Puerto Vallarta Recognizes its Best Athletes

Puerto Vallarta Recognizes its Best Athletes

The municipal government of Puerto Vallarta recognized the effort, perseverance and dedication of 18 athletes and 6 coaches who participated in the 'CONADE 2021 National Games'.

Events included indoor volleyball, boxing, weightlifting, beach volleyball and frontenis, achieving valuable results that once again put the sports of Puerto Vallarta and all of Jalisco very high. 

The director of the Municipal Sports Council (Comude), José Amador Hernández Madrigal, led this act highlighting the great pride that the participation of all these athletes and their coaches represents for this government and for the people of Vallarta. 

The official specified that from the beginning, this city council assumed the commitment to work to strengthen both sports practice and those who with great pride represent this city in the different disciplines, investing in the sports infrastructure, and achieving, for example, after years of neglect, the rehabilitation of the athletics track, the auditorium, the soccer fields, basketball, volleyball and the racquetball complex of the Agustín Flores Contreras sports unit, as well as the renovation of other spaces in Bobadilla. 

“Working together, we continue to comply and we continue to advance, attending to historical lags and citizen demands of many years. We are laying the foundations of a new history," he indicated. He then congratulated the athletes and coaches, praising "they are part of the great sportsmanship of Puerto Vallarta." 

On the part of the athletes who were recognized, the athlete Daniela García Montoy, who won a gold medal in the women's 4x400 sub-18 competition, thanked the support received and reiterated that her commitment is to continue preparing in the next sports cycle. 

She also recalled that sport is a source of inspiration, hope, and determination. “There is nothing better to identify virtues than the practice of sport. Discipline is required to become one of the best, (also) perseverance, dedication, and dedication to overcome obstacles, obtain triumphs and medals, but also and above all, accentuated passion to compete and succeed.” 

In these '2021 CONADE National Games', 7 gold, 2 silver, and 4 bronze medals have been harvested, and since the fair has not yet concluded, the disciplines of surfing and adapted sports are pending where our municipality has been a reference in the last years. It should be noted that the sporting event began on June 14 and officially ended in August, although some sports were displaced until October. Jalisco seeks its 21st consecutive title and thus keep its place as National Champion. 

The awards were given to the athletes Daniela García Montoy and Brayan Alberto Mendoza in track; Olivia Johana Castillo López for indoor volleyball; Carlos Daniel Regla, José Octavio Hisla, Lucio Martínez Guzmán and Jhony Delgadillo Pelayo in boxing; Cristopher Fernando Márquez and Kevin Alan Castellón, André Alejandro Rodríguez Aceves, Alexis Saidy Alvarado Rodríguez and Olivia Johana Castillo López from beach volleyball, and frontenders Diego González Martínez, Sofía González Martínez, Rodrigo García Guerrero, Naomi Sahaydi Vilches Hernández, Ingrid Alvarado Madrueño and Antonio Agustín Méndez Torres. 

The coaches Jorge Miramontes López, from athletics; Darlvert González Hernández, weightlifter; Ariel Esmel Vergara Justiz and Erik Eduardo Navarro Lizarraras from boxing; Juan Alberto Rodríguez Ibarra, of beach volleyball and Juan Manuel Brambila Chávez, of frontenis. The councilor Saúl López Orozco, president of the Sports Building Commission, witnessed this delivery.