14 and Counting Jalisco Athletes qualified for Tokyo Games

14 and Counting Jalisco Athletes qualified for Tokyo Games

As the Mexican delegation that will represent us in the next Olympic Games in Tokyo takes shape, the group of athletes from Jalisco who will proudly wear the colors of this country in the Asian tournament also begins to be officially defined.

After the celebration of national selectives and international events last weekend, the list of Jaliscan athletes confirmed in the Olympic national team rose to 14, in addition to highlighting the inclusion of athletes born in Jalisco and who developed a large part of their sports careers here, but now represent other states.

The athletes who have just joined the official list are: triathletes Claudia Rivas, Cecilia Pérez and Irving Pérez, who closed their process this weekend in the World Triathlon Series held in Huatulco. And after her participation in the World Series in Barcelona, Nuria Diosdado earned her position in the national artistic swimming team.

“I can calmly say that I am in my second Olympics. A very different process from the previous one, but as in any process, there are ups and downs and I must admit that it has not been easy at all. But always taking the best of each situation… all I have to do is prepare myself physically and mentally and be ready for the big day of the start,” Cecilia Pérez expressed through her social networks. 

The list of officially classified Jalisco is made up of: Paola Morán (400 meter dash,) Úrsula Sánchez (marathon,) José Luis Santana (marathon,) Carlos Ortiz (golf,) Jane Valencia (women's wrestling,) Nuria Diosdado ( artistic swimming,) Mariana Arceo (modern pentathlon,) Alejandra Ramírez (sports shooting,) Jorge Orozco (sports shooting,) Cecilia Pérez (triathlon,) Claudia Rivas (triathlon,) Irving Pérez (triathlon,) Elena Oetling (sailing,) and Juan Ignacio Pérez (sailing.) 

It is important to mention that the list could be increased in the coming days, since there are seven athletes who are still waiting for a technical decision; Jessica Salazar in track cycling, Alejandra Orozco, Iván García, Rodrigo Diego and Melany Hernández in diving, Dafne Navarro in trampoline gymnastics, and Álvaro Sandoval in modern pentathlon. Also the definitive lists in baseball and soccer have not yet been released. 

Additionally, there are seven athletes with an Olympic ticket who were born in Jalisco or have developed their sports careers in our state, but who now defend the colors of another. Jesús Esparza (athletics, now representing Aguascalientes,) Haramara Gaitán (badminton, now representing Nuevo León,) Gerardo Ulloa (mountain biking, now representing Guanajuato,) and Rut Castillo (rhythmic gymnastics, now representing Nuevo León.) Cyclist Daniela Gaxiola is from Sinaloa but has been training at Code Jalisco for six years, similar to the case of divers Paola Espinosa, Gabriela Agúndez, and Kevin Berlin, who could join the Olympic team representing other states (Baja California Sur the first two and Veracruz in the case of Kevin,) but have been training in Jalisco.

The objective is to reach at least 18 places in the Olympic team.