Puerto Vallarta Fishing, It’s All About Dorado!

Puerto Vallarta Fishing, It’s All About Dorado!

For the last three weeks my articles look similar because we’re in a great fishing loop.

Last week it was all about Dorado, this week it’s still all about Dorado, but now we’re seeing Striped Marlin in the bay along with Sailfish! Up until the first week of October, it’s summer fishing. It’s good fishing, but when October hits, our world class fishing gets super charged. From this point forward the deep water fishing grounds of Corbetena and El Banco will turn into Marlin-Landia. With perfect blue water, perfect water temperatures, plenty of bait and plenty of fish to target. You can’t go wrong fishing right now until late December. With this being a La Nina year, the fishing could continue into late February. Excited yet?

Well here we are, another week and the real fishing story this week, once again, it’s all about Dorado. Pick a location and it’s full of Dorado. Anywhere from Corbetena to Punta Mita to Yelapa, Dorado are everywhere. And they’re good size. This week Corbetena has seem some football sized Yellowfin Tuna at 40 lbs, Sailfish, Striped Marlin and possible Blue Marlin to 500 lbs. If looking to target Marlin and Tuna, this is the place to be. With blue water, super abundant bait including Skip Jack Tuna at 12 lbs, there are some big fish out there just waiting for you to show up. Regarding El Banco or The Bank, it’s been pretty much ignored with all the other areas firing on all cylinders. I predict the first person at the high spots from this point forward will find Black Marlin. Blacks don’t normally show up until this time of the year and frankly they normally like water a tad warmer. Bait, bait will grab and hold their attention like it always does. There have been smaller Black Marlin in the area, so this should change shortly. Feeling lucky?

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