Survey of Home Delivery Drivers Reveals Working Conditions

Survey of Home Delivery Drivers Reveals Working Conditions

According to the results of the Survey of home delivery drivers, carried out by the Institute of Statistical and Geographic Information of Jalisco (IIEG), 51% of the 200 respondents surveyed declared that they work more than 40 hours a week, 13% from 51 to 60 hours, and 6% more than 70.

The income of the distributors without discounting the expenses associated with their activity are variable, since 26.0% have incomes below 1,500 pesos per week and 33.0% earn more than 3,000 pesos. However, when discounting the expenses incurred such as gasoline and vehicle payment, 42.5% of the delivery men earn less than 1,500 pesos a week, while only 12.0% earn more than 3,000 pesos per week. 

Augusto Valencia López, head of the IIEG, reported that the survey was conducted of 200 distributors through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, from March 10 to May 3, 2021, with the aim of having statistical information on working conditions of this occupation. 

He clarified that this information was made through social networks because there is no directory of distributors to carry out a telephone survey, in addition to the fact that there is no registry, a list, or emails of those who are engaged in this activity. 

“Therefore, this survey is not probabilistic, the results cannot be generalized, they only reflect the opinion of the 200 distributors who answered the survey, but we seek to make this sector of the population visible. However, the results do generate useful information on working conditions, the work schedule, the incidence of accidents, the time they dedicate to the activity, and their income,” he said. 

When presenting the results, Mireya Pasillas Torres, Director of Economic and Financial Statistical Information, said that more than half of the delivery drivers, 63.5%, have suffered accidents while working in this occupation. Of these, 96.1% mention that they did not receive support from the company they work for. 

“85.0% of delivery men know someone who suffered an accident as a delivery person. In the event of an accident, 84.0% of the delivery men consider that the company should take responsibility. The vulnerability of distributors to accidents is greater since 71.0% are not affiliated with public or private medical services, while only 25.5% are.”

80.0% of the deliverers surveyed mention that order delivery is their only source of income. Of those with the more than one source of income, 22.5% mention that order delivery is the main one. 

The participants also pointed out that the most mentioned problems they face as delivery men are insecurity, lack of social security, unfair treatment, unfair payment, poor telephone service, lack of support from the employers, and risk of accidents. 

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