Military Clashes with Armed Civilians Near Tomatlán Leaving 2 Dead, 4 Wounded

Military Clashes with Armed Civilians Near Tomatlán Leaving 2 Dead, 4 Wounded

At approximately 21:00 hours this Saturday night, personnel of the 21st Unconfirmed Infantry Battalion took a journey along the road from Tomatlán to Llano Grande, in the area known as Bridges, having received reports of armed people in the area.

The military aboard two official vehicles with 16 officers attended the report.

When the military was on the road to Llano Grande, meters ahead of the La Clementina ranch, they saw three vans with armed civilians, and though two of them fled the third descended armed subjects who started shooting at them.

Quickly the military repaid the aggression arousing a clash that left 5 civilians and a military wounded at the time. Officials of the Municipal Police were presented to the site and to prioritize the lives of the people, and boarded them in the units to move them to the first contact hospital in Tomatlán. Aboard the units were one army officer, and one of the Municipal Police.

After the fighting military personnel took care of the wounded, confirmed the death of one at the scene and took the rest to Tomatlan hospital, where the second civilian died. The other four, including a cavalry lieutenant, were attended and their state of health is reserved.


The military also managed to secure firearms, chargers, and tactical vests that would be turned to the federal Public Prosecutor's Office who will continue the investigation.

Local citizens report a strong presence of military personnel who are still on their tracks in search of alleged aggressors.

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