First Session of the Jalisco Unit for Gender Equality

First Session of the Jalisco Unit for Gender Equality

This Thursday the first ordinary session of the Unit for Gender Equality was held.

This unit is a consultative body to promote the institutionalization of the gender perspective, and substantive equality and human rights in decision-making, design, and implementation of public policies within the Ministry of Health of the State of Jalisco.

At the head of this first session, Fernando Petersen Aranguren, Secretary of Health of the State of Jalisco, highlighted the importance of having this body and the institution's commitment to ensure a culture of peace and equality.

“This unit is a priority, and not only that it is established, but that the mechanisms exist to ensure its operation. In the SSJ, half plus one of the subdirectorates are headed by women. Their contributions, scientific, academic, and labor, have been very important in the impact of dependency, it is an important commitment to citizenship, and we continue working on it."

On December 31, 2020, the Agreement for the creation of Gender Equality Units 2020 was published in the official state newspaper, in which the Governor instructed the creation or modification of Gender Equality Units within public agencies and entities. The legal framework is also based on the Organic Law of the Executive Power of the State of Jalisco, the Law of Equality between Women and Men, and the PROIGUALDAD Program.

The Gender Equality Unit of the Jalisco Health Secretariat is number 59 to be formed within six months of the publication of the decree of creation. At the state level there are 79 agencies that must comply with this legal mandate, and of them 21 already have published regulations.