The Best Place I Know of to Get Zarandeado Fish Might Have to Move

The Best Place I Know of to Get Zarandeado Fish Might Have to Move

My dad’s friend had a visitor in town, so he wanted to take the guy, Gary, to Ramada El Pirrus at Boca De Tomates, as it’s a one-of-a-kind restaurant, and nothing like you would find at the Malecon or other tourist-y places. Plus, their food is amazing!

Their specialty is their huachinango, or red snapper, that they cook by the zarandeado method. Zarandeado is over a 500 year old method for cooking fish where the fish is butterflied open in half and cooked over flames with a citrus and fruity marinade. You can read more about it, including it’s history, here. But anyways, zarandeado fish is super good, and Ramada El Pirrus is the place with the best zarandeado, or at least the best we’ve found (if you know of a better one, please let me know). And the main reason is probably because of the type of fish they use. It’s super full of flavor, even without the marinade, and it has the perfect amount of fat, so it’s not dry and bland, buy it’s also not super greasy. So, you should definitely go try it, though you shouldn’t wait too long, because I’ve seen all over Facebook, and even in some local newspapers, that a major timeshare company is going to build on the beach, and all the restaurants will be kicked off by Semana Santa. So, of course, during our maybe last visit to the place I had to talk to the owners, and ask them what is going on.

The owner, Buchin, and his family have been there for a couple decades, happily working together along with the rest of the employees.  There’s even kids working there who are my age and younger, yet they’re happy to be helping out, and they have fun doing it. But, the question is, will they have to move? Well, they’re not sure. They have also seen all over Facebook that a company is going to start to build on the beach and they’ll have to move, but the government, or anyone for the matter, hasn’t told them that they are going to have to move.  Either way though, they have a plan. They have property by Boca De Tomatlan, so if they do have to move they’ll probably move their restaurant there. Or, if for some reason that wouldn’t work, they can also get a place to put their restaurant in Las Juntas. Either way, all the employees are going to be continuing with them and working with them wherever they move to. And wherever they move to I know for a fact we will keep visiting them, and you should too!!

Gary is a professional photographer, and these are a couple pictures he took. 

You can check out some more of his work HERE!!


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Ramada El Pirrus' Phone Number: 322 103 4287


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