Puerto Magico On A Day Without A Cruise Ship Arrival

Puerto Magico On A Day Without A Cruise Ship Arrival

On a cruise ship day Puerto Magico is full of people that are constantly moving around and preparing for the arrival of the tourists, and then many cruisers will disembark the ship, and fill it up even more. But, on a off day, other than the people going on day cruises and tours throughout the day, there aren’t very many people. Though, there could and should be!

When a lot of people think of Puerto Magico they think of it as a port, but they’re missing the magico part, because it is full of shops to get jewelry, accessories, clothing, handmade nick-nacks, souvenirs, etc, places to get snacks or drinks, such as ice cream, coffee, sandwiches, potato chips, and many others, even including alcoholic drinks, and the environment is always fun and exciting. It’s also open everyday, and for everyone, even if you want to just come and look.

I wanted to get some chocolate for my mom, and my dad wanted to look at license plate art for a friends birthday, but the day the cruise ship arrived we didn’t have time, so we went back today. We saw a whole bunch of cars in the parking lot, and we were very surprised! When we went inside we saw a whole bunch of people waiting for their tour and even some people walking around and looking through stores. Also, when we sat down for a second we saw an almost steady stream of tourists going to go on a day cruise or tour.

First we stopped at Cacao Magico, said hi to Haydee, the manager, and got some delicious European style chocolates. They’re my mom’s favorite, because they’re super soft and smooth, and have a super strong flavor. For chocolate lovers, Cacao Magico is a must go-to. Next we stopped at Sunshine, and looked at all the beautiful art. The owner, Bruno, greeted us, and showed us all his different styles and pieces. He had huichol art, Mexican art and crafts, pre-Hispanic art, and even some modern art including sculptures made out of old metal from cars and bikes.


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