Puerto Vallarta Welcomes Another Tech Company

Puerto Vallarta Welcomes Another Tech Company

 Xtendops, an American customer service and technology support services company already established in Guadalajara and Monterey, will be expanding its operations into Puerto Vallarta.

As part of the strategy of diversification and revocation of Puerto Vallarta towards the technology industry, promoted by the Government of Jalisco through the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO,) the company Xtendops will be established in the coastal municipality, and will begin its operations in November 2021 with up to 40 new jobs generated in the first stage of the project. 

Xtendops is an American BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) that, thanks to the promotion of Vallarta as a technological development pole carried out by SEDECO Jalisco, will open offices under its 2 business lines: customer care or customer service, and back office or technological support. 

To ensure its operations in Vallarta, Xtendops foresees the hiring of up to 40 collaborators by the end of 2021, and together with the office it currently has in Guadalajara, it will scale its workforce to 150 employees in Jalisco. This will create an economic spill of 3.9 million pesos per month for salaries.

“I am very pleased to announce that we already have the second technology company that is deciding to start operations in Puerto Vallarta, continuing with this our project of reconversion of this Tourist Port to a technology development site, to make it much less dependent on the sightseeing. It is the California company Xtendops that in an initial phase will be carrying out BPO back office operations for its international clients, but in a very close second step it will begin to develop software for these clients in Puerto Vallarta. This confirms that the Puerto Vallarta revocation proposal is viable, and is advancing at an accelerated pace. We are sure that this will make this region much more resilient to the economic onslaught of issues such as pandemics or economic crises," commented the Secretary of Economic Development, Ernesto Sánchez Proal. 

The arrival of these companies in the region promotes the diversification of the predominant economic activity in the municipality, which is tourism and which has been greatly affected due to the pandemic. 

Through this diversification, the port's economy can protect itself against contingencies such as that caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to accelerating its economic reactivation thanks to the salary spill from well-paid jobs.

This is the second company of this type to arrive in Puerto Vallarta thanks to the promotion of the destination for this industry carried out by SEDECO. The first, of European origin; announced the start of its operations with up to 20 specialized developers, on July 14.