Municipal Agents Train to Increase Awareness of Rabies

Municipal Agents Train to Increase Awareness of Rabies

The objective is to prevent this disease among dogs and cats, and to keep rabies cases to zero in the municipality.


In order to meet the goal of vaccination against rabies and at the same time make the population aware of the importance of preventing this disease, staff of the Jalisco Health Secretariat, assigned to the VIII Health Region, in coordination with the Social Development department of the City Council, gave training on this subject to municipal agents and delegates. 

The veterinary doctor Diana Cervantes, in charge of sterilizations of the Sanitary Region, explained that the objective is that the agents and delegates support in these tasks to achieve the goal established for this year, bringing first-hand information to the inhabitants of their demarcations about this vaccination campaign that will be implemented in the near future.

She indicated that in addition to seeking to transmit information about rabies to people and the importance of vaccinating their domestic animals (dogs and cats), it is also important that the agents and delegates know how to give the injection, in order to pass on training to more people on this subject. 

"It is the first time that this training has been given and we hope that if the objective is met, more people can be trained so that within their colonies, they themselves can vaccinate all possible animals." 

She added that the main purpose is to prevent and maintain rabies in zero cases in domestic animals, as until now, mainly in dogs and cats, and to make people understand the importance of this disease, which fortunately remains under control. 

"Hopefully this training will serve the agents and delegates so that they have all the necessary information and transmit it to their entire community, and convince people who are still a little reluctant to vaccinate their pets." 

Also participating in this training were the MVZ Marcial Pérez Ulloa, coordinator of Vectors and Zoonoses, and Israel Escatel, head of the District of Zoonoses and Vectors, of the VIII Health Region.